About Us

We are a life-long vocational training organisation and a video production company. We use a variety of approaches and tools including face-to-face and electronic coaching, facilitation and training, audiovisual instruments and techniques, personality and learning profiling practices such as the Enneagram and the "Seven Learning Profiles".

We are members of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and follow regular supervision as stipulated by the Council's rules and in accordance with coaching best practice.


"Providing guidance and transmitting values is a duty we have towards future generations"

Valérie de Saintignon

"I am French with a background in communication and marketing. I am a certified coach of ICN Business School and I am trained in the Enneagram and in the "Seven Learning Profiles" by pedagogical expert Jean-François Michel. In addition, I have a training in graphic facilitation.
As a coach and trainer, I rely on my experience as a luxury supermarket manager and in mediation in the real estate sector and in the world of associations."


Tel. +352 621 202 457


"I believe in the power of diversity and inclusion of genders and talents"

Viviana Siclari

"I am Italian and a convinced European with a background in philosophy and in EU politics. My professional experience ranges from corporate communication, EU policy and legislative counseling for companies and organisations to professional and personal development advice both as a manager and a coach. I am an audiovisual expert and producer, a certified coach of ICN Business School, and I am trained in the Enneagram."

Tel. +352 671 012 577